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February - Chicken Tawk Club Preoder


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Chicken Tawk - A club for all the backyard chicken fanatics like me to hang out and talk chickens through yarn! Join me each month as we celebrate a different breed translated in color. 

You’ll have the option to choose your base between Simple Sock, Dirty DK, or a Sock Set in simple sock. 

February's Breed - Cinnamon Queen -

Known under so many names Golden Comet, ISA Brown,  Red Sex Link, Red Star, Golden Buff, it’s the breed that brings me the most love because I can always depend on their eggs all year round. 

Clubs will ship on 2/24/20

The club will include:

  • 1 (100g) Skein - base of choice 
  • If sock set - 1 (100g) skein and 1 (20g) mini skein on Simple Sock base
  • 1 sample of locally roasted ground coffee or tea if you prefer, just leave a note during checkout and you can receive a tea sample instead from the same company.