Fading Point Kits


These are specially curated fade kits to go along with the new Joji Locatelli pattern Fading Point.

This is for preorder. All kits will Be shipped within 4-6 weeks. 

Each kits contains five 100g skeins on our Simple Sock base. 

Simple Sock
4ply Fingering
75/25 SW Merino - Nylon


 Black Fade

Tarpit, Small Skeletal, Highlands, Ladies Room, Mila

Green Fade

Grassroots, Blanca, Crocus, Kombucha Brew, Santeria

Wine Fade

Sassenach, Ladies Room, Magnolia, Lady Grey, Jasper

Orange Fade

Trippin on Goldfish, Bollywood, Kombucha Brew, Havana Banana, Drugwolf

Teal Fade 

Odyssey, Rumble Seat, Mermaid Jewels, Moorea, Firefly Chai

I dye in a small batch dye lot to ensure accuracy but due to the nature of hand dying with speckling techniques nothing will ever be identical.

Professional grade acid dyes are used in my process. I finish with a soak in an unscented wool wash to ensure minimal bleeding.

Colors can vary between monitors.